Adult Time – Dare We Share: The Roommate Wars – Cam Damage, Jean Hollywood & Kenzie Anne

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Cam Damage and Jean Hollywood are two roommates that seem to NEVER get along. When one of them wants to relax or play video games, the other is ALWAYS pestering them, and vice versa. Whatever the situation, these two are always in direct competition and today is no different when they get a visit from their smoking-hot neighbor, Kenzie Anne. Kenzie wants to borrow some sugar, and the two roommates are happy to oblige. However, Cam and Jean once again end up in one of their stupid little feuds as they fight over which one of them will get to assist Kenzie. But Kenzie has a better idea: why don’t they SHARE? There’s TONS of ‘sugar’ to go around, so there’s no need to squabble! They have a playful and energetic threesome, including some steamy strap-on play that makes Kenzie squeal as Cam and Jean work together to tag-team her. After weeks of roommate wars, it seems like Cam and Jean have finally called a true… for now…


Release Date
November 30, 2022


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