Adult Time – Kiss Me Fuck Me: The Secret Ingredient – Tori Easton & Micah Martinez

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Micah Martinez’s wife is away volunteering at a soup kitchen for the night. Micah stands outside his house, looking at the rising moon and playing with the wedding band on his ring finger. He appears slightly conflicted as he then takes off his wedding band and puts it in his pocket. He makes his way inside and to the front door of his home, where his lover, Tori Easton, is waiting for him. Micah nervously invites Tori inside, and we learn that this is actually the first time these two have met in person. They’ve, up until now, only spoken through text messages. With Micah’s wife gone all night, this is the perfect time to take their affair to the next level. Before long, they start kissing deeply and groping each other’s bodies over their clothes. Their initial hesitation quickly melts away at their undeniable chemistry. They undress each other sensually, exploring each other’s bodies for the first time with giddy anticipation. They have passionate, erotic sex on the living room couch, hoping Micah’s wife doesn’t walk in and catch them in the act


Release Date
May 30, 2022


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