Adult Time – The Right Way To Treat Her – Chris Epic & Dahlia Crimson

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You hear your stepparents (Dahlia Crimson and Chris Epic) speaking quietly in the living room, so you walk towards the doorway and peek around the corner. Your stepdad is sitting with your stepmom, and they look concerned. You have an idea why… just a few hours ago, your stepmom revealed to you that she was trans. You went up to your room to process, but you think that now you are ready to talk it through with her and your stepdad. They notice you in the doorway and welcome you inside warmly. You have a seat and listen as your stepmom tells you that whatever you’re feeling, she understands. Learning that your stepmom is trans is a big surprise for you, and she wants you to feel comfortable taking as much time as you need to reflect and accept it. Your stepparents kiss, holding each other with warmth and love. You can tell they truly love each other. They tell you that most of all, they want you to know what a healthy relationship looks like. You’re going to college soon, and you’ll meet ALL KINDs of new people (maybe a few trans people too!). If you’re not prepared, you might just miss out on someone special. You shouldn’t trust everything you hear out there- there’s so much misinformation. Your stepparents say that the LEAST they can do is provide you with a good example of what a loving, progressive relationship should look like. This also includes the more intimate aspects of a strong relationship- and you shouldn’t feel shy to ask about that too! As they talk, your stepparents can’t help but kiss and grope each other. They laugh it off, admitting that they are a bit PDA sometimes- but you don’t mind at all. You’re happy to see them this way, and you want to learn from them if you can. They aren’t shy, and once they see that you’re willing, they let you watch as they have romantic, erotic sex together. For you, they are a glowing example of the RIGHT way to treat your significant other.

Release Date
May 09, 2022


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