Caught Fapping – No Time To Cum – Micah Martinez & Tori Easton

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Micah Martinez is getting dressed when his girlfriend, Tori Easton, comes in to check on him. Seems like they are about to leave for an event and they don't want to be late. Micah suggests that Tori go get dressed. She agrees, and as she walks away, Micah can't help but check out her sexy ass. Once Tori is out of sight, Micah whips out his cock and starts jerking off on the couch.

He's not alone for long, however, as Tori comes back and spies Micah pleasuring himself through the bedroom door. She likes what she sees and seems to get very turned on. When she reveals herself to Micah, he jumps up in embarrassment. He explains that he was feeling very horny, but didn't think they had time since their event is in a half-hour.

Tori doesn't mind being a little late though- especially when they're BOTH super turned on like this. She suggests they get naked and have themselves a little pre-event. They embrace and have playful, energetic sex.

Whether you're late or early, it's important to make time for the important things in life. For these two, it's clear that a healthy sex life cums first!


Release Date
April 05, 2022


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