English Psycho / OnlyFans – Trans Girl Vanessa Rafaella Gets Ass Smashed

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I had a funny conversation with my best friend the other day where he asked me ‘Hey man, 15 years ago when we fucked our first trans together if moments after that experience I’d have said to you… 15 years from now you will be making transgender porn, would you have believed me?’ The answer of course is no, I’d have laughed and given the comment not much additional thought. Low and behold, life takes some interesting turns; and as I continue down this strange and very exciting path and the community of people following my page continues to grow, one of the most exciting things for me each day is my twitter inbox. I just never know what’s going to be in there, but every day I get people (male, female and trans) messaging me asking can I fuck them. I mean its certainly not the worst thing to be asked, in amongst these inbox delights I would say that once a week or every other week there is some real gold. In this case, the trans pornstar Vanessa Rafaella telling me how much she loves my content, and has been masturbating furiously to my videos whilst fantasizing about me fucking her. The thing I love about Vanessa is that she is the archetype of the Brazilian trans babe, she is solid and muscular without being manly, she looks like an expensive racehorse, she is the perfect trans height too, under 6ft (in heels) and about 5ft8 in bare feet . Ive included one of her many WhatsApp videos that she has been power sending me telling me how much she is looking forward to getting dicked down because the videos she sent me are super fun, you’ll enjoy them as part of getting into this video and the story of how it came about. The sex with her was such a turn on, my cock felt so hard that the tip of it was nearly touching my stomach. She gets fingered and fucked, and then opens wise for a load of hot sticky cum to be delivered into her mouth. As always, enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it, I make this stuff specifically for you. Your Pal. EP


Release Date
May 24, 2023


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