Femboyish Adult Time & Chill – Mateo Tomas & Alex Twinkl

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A femboy, Alex Twinkl, and his hunky friend, Mateo Tomas, are sitting side-by-side on a couch idly watching television. The relationship between the two seems platonically friendly at first, but as time goes on, the sexual tension between them grows… There are moments of flirtation and temptation, such as Alex stretching out on the couch to show off the curves of his ass, and Mateo’s eyes wandering and leering over Alex’s body.

Eventually, they both pick up on each other’s not-so-subtle hints of attraction towards each other. Finally, Mateo takes the initiative and makes the first move on Alex, groping his cute ass before sucking on Alex’s cock. But then it’s Alex’s turn to go down on Mateo, sucking his big cock and getting it slick with saliva. Once he pops his mouth off Mateo’s cock, Alex climbs onto it, enthusiastically riding Mateo while sharing plenty of kisses. After switching it up with a few more positions, Mateo cums on Alex’s chest, leaving the femboy nice and chilled!


Release Date
January 28, 2024


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