Femboyish Femboy BFFs Get Stacked And Rammed – Mateo Tomas & Benny Fox

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Femboy besties Foxy Alex and Benny Fox are applying makeup side-by-side, giggling with excitement and anticipation. They’re getting ready for Mateo Tomas to arrive, and have made sure to get dolled up just for the occasion. Benny looks as delicious as a strawberry sorbet, wearing a pink hoodie and pink panties, accentuated by delicate earrings and a lovely pearl necklace. Foxy’s opted for something a bit more rock-n-roll, with torn jean-shorts covering black fishnets, and a studded collar wrapped around his neck. Together, they’re like two parts of a whole, and when Mateo arrives, he can barely decide who to fuck first. Lucky for him, Foxy and Benny work best as a team. They get on their knees to give him a double blowjob, and then switch out for some spit roast fun. Mateo then gets the femboys into a stack and takes turns pounding their tight assholes as they squirm on top of each other. The grand finale is an anal train that leads to multiple creamy cumshots, making this one hookup these besties will never forget.


Release Date
January 14, 2024


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