Femboyish Ticklish Femboy Gets Pounded Through Ripped Fishnets – Rick Hard & Kai Taylor

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A perky femboy, Kai Taylor, is wearing a cute AND sexy outfit including rainbow arm warmers, rainbow socks, and dark fishnets. He dances energetically to music that he is listening to with his headphones, creating an enticing sight as his graceful limbs and tempting butt move to the sound.

Kai’s boyfriend, Rick Hard, soon slips into the room and sneaks up on Kai to tickle him. Kai giggles and squirms under the relentless tickles, eventually collapsing onto the bed where he’s primed to get an intense fucking. Now Rick will find plenty of ways to put Kai’s eager, perky energy to good use!


Release Date
May 12, 2024


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