Feminized / Getting Along Part 1 – Cadence Kline, Goddess Tangent & Natalie Mars

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Goddess Tangent's house maids must remain obedient and submissive at all times. This means get along with one another and not causing problems. These two girls have been bickering & fighting for Goddess' attention. This has caused unnecessary tension in their home. Goddess Tangent will not stand for unruly slaves, she has devised team building exercises to make her slaves girls bond. She hog ties them uncomfortably close together and watches them squirm. She locks their necks together and instructs they to grind against each other. She wants them to get sexually acquainted and desires each other. Next she goes a step further and locks their chastity cages together and watches as Cadence’s PA piercing tug outside of the cage. Goddess Tangent rewards her sluts by vibrating their cocks while locked in chastity. They will not be getting any pleasure outside their chastity cages until their training is complete.


Release Date
March 07, 2018


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