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Fa is a Cute Femboy who is making her debut at Hello Ladyboy. Compared to some of the tgirls at our site, Fa shows both her feminine and boyish charm. Being that she is so playful, you will love her from the start. Above all, she is a fun girl to be around as you will see from her interview. In addition to her studies at the local University, this slender hottie is also looking for horny men to have fun with.

Accordingly, there’s no better place to have fun than with our horny members. Being that this is Fa’s first time on film, we know she will be greatly appreciated. Straightaway Fa takes to the camera, she is very photogenic and not at all shy. Regardless of her presence in front of the camera, she is quite natural and easy going. Seeing that she is so at ease, we quickly get to the undressing part of our interview.

Without a doubt, this cute femboy is here for sex thrills. In light of how horny she is, she slowly starts to undue her shirt. She is wearing her school uniform which makes her even more desirable. In due time she is all over the cock and sucking it deep down her throat. Important to realize, this girl has skills, both oral and anal. Seeing that she can take cock deep down her throat, a face fucking was in order. Not to mention how deep her horny ass took the cock when the fucking started. There is no doubt Fa was having the time of her life.

Following a heated fuck session, it was time to release her passion. As soon as she started to cum, this cute femboy was blowing hot cream all over the place. And when it came time for her to take a load, she let it burst all in her mouth and on her face. You have to see the kink to believe it, and we know you will be a believer in not time.


Release Date:
February 28, 2020


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