Modern-Day Sins – Mad Fuckers: Well Fuck You Too! – Kenna James & Brittney Kade

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Brittney Kade arrives at Kenna James’ house with a cardboard box, though neither of them look very happy as Kenna allows her inside. As they sit down together and go through a couple of boxes, it’s revealed that these two beautiful women were once girlfriends. However, things didn’t work out, so they’re exchanging a few personal items, including Kenna’s strap-on, so that they both can finally move on.

But as they sort through things, reliving some good memories, things quickly begin to turn sour once Kenna realizes that something of hers was tossed out by Brittney. Tensions rise as they confront each other, though it soon becomes clear that Brittney and Kenna are REALLY fighting about OTHER longstanding issues in their relationship… particularly the fact that their sex life wasn’t as hot and rough as they each wanted it to be. Finally, the fighting reaches a boiling point, with the women challenging each other to show just how rough they REALLY can be.

Brittney takes control first as she dives into Kenna’s pussy and ass, although Kenna’s not about to be outdone. As soon as there is a lull, Kenna steals back control as she dons the strap-on. As Brittney rides Kenna’s strap-on, they share lustful kisses, obviously working out all of their pent-up aggression and lust. But as they flip back and forth, will they be able to rekindle their flame and give their relationship a second chance?


Release Date
September 11, 2022

David Lord


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