Mommys Girl / So Proud Of My Girl – Erica Cherry & Audrey Madison

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Erica Cherry, a trans woman, receives a bouquet of flowers from her stepmom, Audrey Madison, to celebrate a milestone in Erica's transition.

Audrey takes this moment to express how proud she is of Erica. She admires her for living her truth and for being so brave during such a pivotal moment in her life. Audrey reflects on her own journey of coming out as a lesbian, insisting that Erica is showing more strength than she ever did.

Erica is quick to remind her stepmom that she couldn't have done it without her help. Brave as she might be, she would have been totally lost without the guidance and love that Audrey has provided her.

As Audrey touches Erica affectionately, gushing at how proud she is of her, she can't help but comment on how Erica has grown up into such a beautiful woman. It becomes clear to Erica that Audrey has developed feelings for her, and she is happy about that. Erica and Audrey eagerly give in to their mutual attraction, and kiss deeply.

Together, they proudly embrace this milestone with tender, loving sex that reinforces the love and affection they feel, and will always feel, for each other.


Release Date
January 04, 2022


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