Oopsie: Give Me A C.O.C.K – Codi Vore, Jade Venus & Kasey Kei

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Codi Vore is about to give a full-body massage to Jade Venus, a sexy cheerleader. But when Codi notices Jade’s huge cock bursting from under her skirt, she decides to give Jade a DIFFERENT kind of massage.

Codi gives Jade a sloppy blowjob, and then hops on top of her and lets her suck on her massive breasts. But before long, another masseuse, Kasey Kei, walks in to change some towels. Codi has no choice but to sneak under the massage table and hide while she continues to milk Jade’s cock from below.

Luckily for Codi, Kasey is ALSO horny for some ‘pom pom’ lovin’, so she whips out her cock and joins in on the fun. Jade welcomes them with open arms, and they embark upon an energetic, sex threesome that’s well worth cheering for!


Release Date
November 19, 2022


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