My Best Friend’s TS Sister

Kirk (Chris Damned) and his best friend Carrie (Jenna Gargles) are sitting in the living room when Carrie’s sister, Alison (Emma Rose), comes in. Carrie falls asl–p and Alison takes the opportunity to seduce Kirk which leads to a hot hook up. Bobby (Dante Colle) and Derek plan to have a boy’s day to unwind but when Derek gets called into work for an emergency, Bobby sticks behind and is entertained by Derek’s hot sister Cindy (Jenna Gargles). Jasmine (Casey Kisses) is visiting her best friend and long term crush, Josh (Dillon Diaz). He doesn’t have any time for her, so she runs off. Jasmine is comforted by Josh’s sister Linda (Rocky Emerson), they play some games, which leas to an intimate encounter. Dante (Dante Colle) and his friend Chris (Chris Damned) are hanging out playing videogames. When Dante’s sister (Crystal Thayer) comes home after soccer practice, she makes it her personal mission to seduce David, luring him into the kitchen and then the bedroom for a quick fuck.


Starring: Casey Kisses, Rocky Emerson, Emma Rose, Crystal Thayer, Jenna Gargles, Chris Damned


Release Date
January 01, 2021


Ricky Greenwood