TS Playground #02

With his sphincter-stretching hetero porn, director Jay Sin is a pioneer of nasty-yet-playful anal extremes. The king of the expanded colon explores the acrobatic buttholes of the hidden, exotic t-girl world in ‘TS Playground 2,’ a concentrated dose of transsexual eroticism enlivened by the director’s trademark costume play and overall attitude of fun! Submissive puppy-dog boy toy Dustin Revees gets his face fucked and asshole invaded by tattooed, lingerie-clad transgenders Mandy Mitchell and Morgan Bailey. The two kinky trans double-team the skinny lad’s corn hole, make him taste their she-cocks ass-to-mouth and leave his once-tight ass gaping. Mandy laps up Morgan’s gooey spunk and drools it into their plaything’s open mouth! When busty Brazilian t-girl Sabrina Suzuki catches young David Snider sniffing her used underwear, she decides to teach him a lesson. Sabrina shoves her monster-size lady-dick in the muscular lad’s mouth, then slurps on his cock and reams him from behind. The two switch places and David butt-fucks the voluptuous she-creature; the hard-core anal sodomy doesn’t end until Sabrina pulls her giant meat pole out of his ass and ejaculates onto David’s balls. Athletic, tattooed punk Danni Daniels trains stud Gabriel Dalessandro in a special style of full-contact football. The ruthless blonde chick-with-a-dick puts Gabriel through a series of kinky exercises intended to make Danni’s she-cock stiffen. Releasing that bloated dick from her bulging jock strap, Danni sinks her thick shaft deep into the submissive player’s tight butt and pumps until his poor sphincter gapes open. After ruthlessly penetrating her opponent’s tight end, Danni sprays his ass with a load of hot she-jism. Lastly, tanned Latina t-girls Michely Cinturinha and Ariadiny Oliver suck each other’s huge stiffy, then join eager stud Alex Victor in the bedroom for a forbidden anal three-way. This swinging sex fiends take turns eating ass, sucking dick and plunging their huge boners deeply in tight rectums. Everyone cums onto Michely’s tummy. The movie is subtitled, ‘The Boys Get It,’ and fans of feminine, functional chicks with dicks understand: In the mixed-up, shook-up world of ‘TS Playground 2,’ girls will be boys and boys will be girls!


Release Date
August 16, 2012


Jay Sin

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