Mistress Damazonia

My name draws its inspiration from the legendary Amazonia…
Before being a forest and a river, the Amazons were a tribe of fierce women warriors in greek mythology. Strong and brave, they established dominance by fighting for their recognition and territory and were totally self sufficient. Men were only used for procreation once a year.Amazons didn’t come from the South American rainforest. In fact, The Amazon forest got its name due to a conflict between a Spanish explorer and a native Amazon tribe whose warriors were both males and females. It is believed that the leading women who attacked the expedition reminded the Spaniard of these relentless female warriors from the ancient Greek beliefs.


Becoming Damazonia
As a young woman, I was regularly picking up fights with men over disrespectful conduct and sexism. My physique would intend that I could resist and my fearless attitude could intimidate most of the boys. I would always stand up for myself, speak up and fight if I had to. Growing older, life taught me to choose my battles more wisely and that most of them were unworthy of my consumption of negative energy. I decided to focus on self-actualization. I traveled to nearly 30 different countries so far, worked a dozen different jobs in my lifetime and speak three languages fluently after being raised in a French only speaking town in Eastern Canada. I developed a passion for discovering new horizons and learning new things.One of my favourite quote by Oliver W. Holmes says: “A mind that is stretched by new experiences can never go back to its old dimensions”
The complex maze of sexuality always intrigued me and I learned soon enough that it exists a lot more flavours out there than plain vanilla. I developed an eagerness to explore those flavours and to know more about what ignites other people’s fire.

I am drawn towards the unusual, the extraordinary, the misunderstood, the deviant, the underground. I never been attracted to live a “normal” life. But normality is very subjective. As the magnificent Morticia Addams would say: “Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”

I found my own normality within the BDSM community. With my fascination for the psychological side of domination, my thrill-seeking propensity and sadistic tendencies, I found myself impersonalizing my own preconceived notion of a dominatrix. And I couldn’t be in a better place.

Being a strong believer of equity living in a patriarchal society, I want my own D/s world to be ruled by female superiority and male slavery. This is not a personal idealistic social belief, but an exemplary situation that highly pleases me erotically. In my dungeon, I am more than a feminist, I am constantly evolving into being the ultimate kinky Amazonian warrior queen. I am humble about my experience as a professional, but I am confident in my natural predispositions to be a great dominatrix. And because I absolutely love what I do, I recognize the speed of my evolution and my clientele’s positive reviews regularly validate that I am going in the right direction.

I advocate self expression, encourage the pursuit of dreams and fantasy realization and conduct no judgements whatsoever. I am fascinated by the insight into the private places of other people’s minds. And I am delighted to be part of this amazing journey.


Born: September 26