Trans-Ference #02 / GenderXFilms – Scene 3 – Micah Martinez & Kasey Kei

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Kasey Kei's patient, Micah Martinez, had his entire life changed when he once fell in love with a beautiful Asian/white trans girl. He had found his life mate. But unfortunately she was a surfer and was eaten by a great white shark. When traumatic events such as these happen, they often can scar you for life. Micah fucked every woman he could. But what he was really looking for was a woman that had what his one true love had — a sweet cock dangling between her pretty legs. Therapist Kasey Kei lets Micah Martinez know in no uncertain terms that she did not tuck. Nor did she surf. Fill your soul and mouth with this meat she offers and so he does. Hungry for love Micah devours her girl stick and soon finds himself rubbing his rock hard pole onto hers. He needs it in her mouth so bad and she delivers the goods. All over the office he plunged his big thick veined and swollen love torpedo into her tight little girl hole. She was so sweet. This is what he needed. This was the breakthrough he needed. As he blasted his appreciative cum all over gorgeous Kasey's waiting face Micha knew. All it took was the right trans girl.


Release Date
January 09, 2022


Jim Powers


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