TransAngels – Control Her Part 4 – Keira Croft & Casey Kisses

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Tall blonde stunner Casey Kisses is committed to getting her body exactly how she wants it, a perfectionist who will stop at nothing to achieve a smoking hot, strong and sexy shape. When her trainer, the brunette bombshell Keira Croft, suggests an unconventional new workout technique, Casey jumps at the opportunity. Ever obliging, Keira slips a vibrating sex toy into Casey’s tight ass, controlling its vibrations from her phone as the hard-working hottie continues her exercises. However, Keira has another surprise for Casey in the form of a massive vibrating strap-on that she can guarantee will work out all of Casey’s deepest muscle groups. Keira rails Casey, making her moan with ecstasy as she takes the massive toy into her hole. Just when they think that things can’t get any hotter, Keira reminds Casey that there’s one more area that she needs to train: Casey’s throbbing cock. The two gorgeous queens take turns servicing and slamming into each other, showcasing a truly holistic workout that will have you running to the nearest gym!


Release Date:
November 14, 2019


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