TransAngels – Hair is Everything – Mason Lear & Daisy Taylor

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Daisy Taylor came into Mason Lear’s hair salon to get her scalp massaged and her hair done, but once she sets her sights on the mustachioed master of the establishment, she knows that he’s going to be touching up a whole lot more than her roots. When Mason’s other client’s eyes are covered for a complimentary face mask he sneaks under Daisy’s barber cape and gets to work trimming her tastefully arranged pubes. The bizarre barber’s attention to detail soon alerts the oblivious patron of the salon and when she discovers Mason’s mischief she’s scandalized. Lucky for Daisy, Mason is quick on his feet and persuades the outraged woman to take a hike and leave him and Daisy to get to know each other better. Mason plows his thick cock into Daisy’s eager hole all over the salon, enlisting the help of his colleague Ricky Larkin to make sure that Daisy’s given the most thorough package possible. Daisy sucks and slurps her way through the two barbers, letting them stuff her from both sides as she moans and coos her way towards ecstasy in this hot and heavy wild thrill ride!


Release Date:
January 30, 2020


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