TransAngels – Morning Call – James Darling & Alexa Scout

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Don’t be surprised if you see trans porn star James Darling jogging early in the morning. He’s probably off to something naughtier, like sneaking in Alexa Scout’s bedroom. The sleeping beauty expected James to come and slowly wake her up from her deep slumber. James’ caring hands travel across Alexa’s body, caress her precious ass and tits, carry the girl back from the dream world. They both undress. James gets a taste of Alexa’s cock. Her dicks slips deep inside Darling’s eager throat. Alexa licks James’ hole before pounding it gracefully. By now, she is truly awake and thriving, enjoying every inches of James’ loins. The thirsty woman takes breaks only to spit at James’ crotch. Lying on his back or riding on top of Alexa, the boy enjoys his partner’s powerful thrusts in every angles possible. Pleasure reaches its peak as Scout comes all over Darling’s crotch. She rubs her cock against James as he shivers in ecstasy.


Release Date:
April 10, 2020


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