TransAngels – Pride and Orifice Part 1 – Emma Rose, Alexa Flexy & Papi Kocic

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The Countess (Alexa Flexy) is eagerly awaiting the arrival of her betrothed, the Prince (Papi Kocic), but hopes that once she’s married, it won’t change her special relationship with her most ardently devoted friend, the Duchess (Emma Rose). As the ladies get ready for the suitor’s arrival, Her Grace promises the Countess she’s got a plan to make sure the Prince will be faithful, and the Countess is so moved, she crawls under her friend’s dress to suck her girlcock. While the Countess continues to get ready, the Duchess takes the Prince on a tour… of her mouth and her ass! What will happen when the Countess walks in to find her friend with the Prince’s cum all over her face?


Release Date:
November 25, 2022


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