TransAngels – Sorority, Not Sorry Part 1 – Izzy Wilde & Masyn Thorne

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Sorority slut Izzy Wilde is chilling alone in her dorm when she starts feeling horny. Retrieving a pink dildo from under her pillow, the blonde-haired tgirl fantasizes about her boyfriend, Masyn Thorne, while seductively sucking on the sex toy and rubbing her big, fake tits. Lost in her fantasy, Izzy is taken by surprise when Masyn enters the room and sneaks up on her! At first, Izzy reprimands cute college student Masyn for disregarding Theta Alpha Sorority rules, which state boys aren’t allowed in Sorority houses – however, with Izzy’s sexual desire reaching fever-pitch, the amorous pair embrace and share a passionate kiss. Feisty Izzy shoves the dildo into Masyn’s mouth, then bends over to wrap her lips around his big cock. After eating out Izzy’s tight butthole, getting it juicy and wet, Masyn fucks his girlfriend doggystyle on the bed, then flips her over to drill her in missionary. Feeling adventurous, the busty babe straddles Masyn and rides his thick rod cowgirl-style, filling up her round booty and moaning with pleasure as her fantasy turns into reality. After giving his girlfriend multiple orgasms, Masyn is unable to hold back anymore and ends the fuck sesh by shooting a mega load – directly onto Izzy’s pierced tongue!


Release Date:
June 10, 2022


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