TransAngels – Spanked by the Sadistic Sex Fiends! – Cytherea, Sergeant Miles & Lena Kelly

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Lena Kelly is the star student of Sgt Miles’ class and her paper on Recreational Corporal Punishment has been all that he and his wife Cytherea have been able to talk about around the house. Miles decides to invite the long dark haired college girl over for dinner and some stimulating conversation. Miles makes it clear to the sexy Lena that by exploring discipline and punishment in person she could really bring her academic engagement to a whole new level. Cytherea watches as her husband bends Lena over the couch and begins to spank her perfect round ass over and over until it’s pink, warm and ready for the next level. Sgt Miles masterfully commands the student, striking her butt over and over with his belt as she begs for more. The sadistic couple toy with the gorgeous trans woman, Cytherea stroking her pussy as she watches her husband pushing Lena to her limits. Once she’s been thoroughly worked over, Miles lets Lena finally have a taste of his cock which she slurps and sucks down to the base, giving herself over to the whims of the sadistic couple. Cytherea maintains her voyeuristic distance, masturbating and moaning as she watches the beautiful student get fucked all over her bedroom by her husband until they’ve all reached their kinky climaxes.


Release Date:
February 08, 2020


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