Transfixed – EP14 Romantic Getaway – Lena Kelly & Jessica Fox

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Jessica Fox is tickled pink when her sweet girlfriend, Lena Moon, arrives at her door with a bouquet of flowers. She’s then whisked away in Lena’s car for a romantic surprise, which has Jessica’s heart pounding with anticipation. Although Jessica tries to get Lena to spill the beans, Lena’s beautiful lips are sealed.

After a drive through the remote countryside, they arrive at a small cottage. Lena proudly takes Jessica’s hand and leads her inside, showing off the gorgeous place. A romantic picnic is spread out across the floor and waiting for them.

Jessica is stunned by the gesture, especially once Lena admits to renting the cottage for them. She just wants for them to have a nice weekend away together. Jessica is touched as she sits down with Lena and samples some of the delicious food. As Lena feeds her a grape, their yearning for each other intensifies, which leads to a sensual kiss… and so much more.

The lovers are unable to keep their hands to themselves as they undress, taking the chance to play with each other’s breasts. It’s not long before Lena eagerly goes down on Jessica’s cock, which has Jessica’s head in a spin. When Jessica finally sinks her cock into Lena’s ass, they lose themselves in the moment. This is the best surprise Jessica’s ever gotten… and she’s more than ready to show her gratitude!


Release Date
June 12, 2019


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