Transfixed – EP22 The Muse – Siri Dahl & Daisy Taylor

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Daisy Taylor, a college student and aspiring model, walks through the gates of a beautiful estate. She looks around the property in awe as she walks up the driveway, carrying a folded campus newspaper with a classified ad circled in red marker. She has answered a modeling ad to be painted by Siri Dahl, the resident artist at her school and a world renowned figure in the art world.

As Daisy approaches the house, she sees the iconic woman already waiting for her. There is something so poised and confident about Siri, especially compared to Daisy. Although Daisy feels a little intimidated, she is greeted warmly by Siri, who kisses her on both cheeks. Their first contact sends flutters through Daisy’s body.

‘Are you ready to be my muse today?’ Siri asks with a smile as she takes Daisy’s hand to show her around the property. Without hesitation, Daisy agrees, her heart secretly pounding so hard she’s sure Siri will hear.

Once they are inside, Daisy changes into a silk robe and lingerie that Siri has laid out for her. She then nervously takes a seat before Siri, who tries to put her at ease even if she’s naturally intense. Once Siri breaks out her paint supplies and starts directing Daisy to pose for her, Daisy is putty in her hands.

With each passing second, the heat steadily builds between them. Daisy is hot under Siri’s scrutinizing gaze as her eyes trail over every inch of her body. Gradually, Daisy strips for her as Siri focuses on capturing her true beauty and essence in every way imaginable. But the more her skin is revealed, the more confident and flirty Daisy becomes, which inspires Siri to do more than just paint Daisy.

The artist and muse sensually explore and worship each other’s bodies like the works of art that they are. As Siri marvels over Daisy’s cock and takes care of her every need, Daisy’s confidence grows in leaps and bounds. It certainly looks like Siri isn’t the only one who has found her muse.


Release Date
July 18, 2021


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