Transfixed – EP34 Ray Of Sunshine – Cadence Lux & Ariel Demure

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Amanda (Ariel Demure) is down in the dumps after a recent breakup. As she curls up miserably on the couch, she is surprised by a knock at her door. Her visitor turns out to be her best friend Lucy (Cadence Lux), who decided to come by to cheer her up. Despite Amanda’s initial hesitance to have company, her bad mood proves no match for Lucy’s positive vibe and sense of humor, so she invites Lucy inside.

As they spend the day together, Lucy is truly a ray of sunshine, and Amanda’s spirits are lifted without even realizing it. The two friends have fun putting a jigsaw puzzle together, then happily chat and laugh. As the day goes on, they cuddle while watching a movie, as their bare feet idly play footsies with each other.

When night arrives, Amanda thanks Lucy for being so considerate and sweet. But Amanda also feels a bit guilty for taking up so much of Lucy’s time, and says that Lucy should probably get going now, since she surely has other stuff to do. But Lucy insists she doesn’t have to leave yet, and is happy to stay for as long as Amanda needs. With that, they decide to do something else they’ve occasionally done over the years to make each other smile – have fun, no-strings-attached sex.


Release Date
March 09, 2022


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