Transfixed – EP35 The First Look – Korra Del Rio & Kate Zoha

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Kate Zoha nervously enters a studio, there for her first photoshoot. Since she’s late, she’s immediately ushered to makeup by the photographer, where she meets the makeup artist, Korra Del Rio. Although Kate’s nervous, Korra is friendly and professional as she gives Kate a quick lookover, seeing what she has to work with. Of course, as she does so, sparks fly as their eyes meet… and the air only becomes more charged once Korra works her magic!

Finally, it’s time for the photoshoot, and Kate shyly follows after Korra. As Kate hits the stage, she flaunts everything she has, whether she’s wearing a schoolgirl-inspired skirt or a skimpy bikini. Meanwhile, Korra intently watches from the sidelines, happy to offer moral support between wardrobe changes.

But the photographer is no fool and notices the sizzling chemistry between Kate and Korra. That’s when she gets both of these beautiful ladies to star in an intimate shoot together, which leads to an electrifying and unforgettable encounter.


Release Date
March 23, 2022


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