Transfixed – EP39 Playing The Part – Lydia Black & Shiri Allwood

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A rotary phone rings and Lydia Black, dressed in retro 80s clothing, swoops in to answer it. Her friend Shiri Allwood is on the other line, asking if Lydia wants to meet up since their husbands are spending the day at the golf course. It is revealed that Lydia and Shiri have both married into a succesfful oil family, but Lydia can’t help feeling envious of Shiri, who seems to have snagged the more successful of the husbands. As they speak, there’s a hint of falseness to their voices- almost as if they are actors in a soap opera.

‘Cut!’ a director yells from offscreen, revealing that Lydia and Shiri are actually the two lead actresses of an 80s-style TV drama. Having just wrapped the pilot episode, it’s time for these actresses to go to the green room and remove their makeup. They’ve each earned a much-needed rest after an extensive shoot.

In the green room, Lydia and Shiri strike up a conversation. Even though they are both leading the project, they haven’t had a chance to spend some quality time together. As they chat, they bond over their mutual dislike of the material: the comparisons to other cheesy soap operas, the shoestring budget, the tacky 80s nostalgia… the list goes on.

During their conversation, there’s a certain spark that erupts between them. When they change into their street clothes, each takes a few moments to check the other out, and it’s clear they like what they see. At one point, the tension is too much to ignore, and they start making out in the green room. They have sensual sex together and, needless to say, end up playing their parts to perfection.


Release Date
May 18, 2022


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