Transgression / TransSensual – Scene 4 – Disobedience – Pierce Paris & Jessica Foxx

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To act out a taboo is to transgress against a higher moral power. It is an act of rebellion. In some cultures, being a single mom is taboo, in others, so is homosexuality. Right now, in America, trans people are being pushed back into the closet. They want to pretend they don’t exist. They want to strip us of their rights and their personhood. They want to stop them from laughing and loving. We’ve been told we do not exist but I dare you to say that to my face. They are not just an invented fantasy, they are a beautiful woman and they should not have to argue their existence, or justify their choices. They are equal to all other Americans. Jessica Foxx shows the world how powerful they are. She will show the world the power of her love. She will not beg a repressed and cruel government to see her for who she is. She will live her life and make them to listen.


Release Date:
June 21, 2019


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