Being Trans 247 / Transfixed – Jamie French & Jenna Creed

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Being trans is such a unique experience for every trans person. While some people are able to fully embrace it, others have to quietly make do in the shadows. But the one thing all trans people have in common, no matter how they go through life, is that they’re trans 24/7.

In this thought-provoking Adult Time docuseries, what it means to be transgender in today’s society is explored through various deeply personal interviews. In each episode, a trans person reveals their true self, putting it all on the line to help create a more empathetic world.

Jamie French is a very creative trans woman — music, drawing, graphic design, video editing, she loves it all. She took her strong points from each of her passions to apply to her career path, which led her to adult entertainment where she thrives today.

But her creativity alone did not get her to where she is — she’s assertive as well in every area of her life. While growing up, she experimented with her trans identity by dressing up and applying makeup whenever she could, making people deal with it rather than shy away.

As she entered her 20s, her style became less rock and roll and more feminine to better match who she really was. But even then, people didn’t always understand her. When she got turned down for an important opportunity for being a ‘crossdresser,’ which she never identified as, that’s when she decided to take her identity to the next level to show the world who she really was.

And today, Jamie’s not only embracing her gender identity but her bisexuality as well, with the help of Jenna Creed. As they share a sensual, intimate encounter, it’s time for Jamie to really shine.


Release Date
July 12, 2021


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