My Secret Transgressions #03 / DevilsFilm – Scene 2 – Korra Del Rio & Bentley Layne

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Korra Del Rio and her boyfriend Bentley Layne are relaxing together in the bathtub. Bentley says that he wants to try a new sushi restaurant, and asks Korra if she wants to go tomorrow night. Korra likes the idea, and asks Bentley if he wants to bring any of his friends along. But Bentley says that his friends are all jerks, and he hasn’t even told them that he’s dating a trans woman because he knows they wouldn’t understand. He admits that he also hasn’t told his family about Korra, because he knows that they wouldn’t understand either.

Korra says that it must be really hard for Bentley to have to keep their relationship a secret from everyone, and one of these days someone is bound to find out. Bentley says that he’ll deal with it when that happens. For now, Bentley is just happy to enjoy his love for Korra, and happily sucks on her pretty cock. Then they both get out of the tub and head for the bedroom, so they can take their lovemaking even further…


Jim Powers


Release Date:
December 15, 2021


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