Adult Time – Free Use Industries: Expose-Her Therapy – Charlotte Sins & Jade Venus

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Morgan Anderson (Joanna Angel) explains the services of her company, Free Use Industries, to a curious Jade Venus. As Jade asks questions to better understand the nature of the company’s operations, it is revealed that the company is a discreet organization that offers a unique and unusual sexual service that only a few know about. Using the company’s app, ‘clients’ can have no strings attached, ‘free-use sex’ with a ‘representative’ of their choosing, anytime and anywhere… even in public. The representatives have consented in advance to the process. Jade is interested in becoming a representative. Jade goes on to briefly talk about why she wants to become a representative, explaining that she is a therapist but her practice has been struggling since recent global changes – fewer patients are willing to come in, because most want virtual sessions. She’s not set up for that, so her clientbase has been dwindling. She needs a secondary means of maintaining her lifestyle. Morgan is pleased with Jade’s enthusiasm, but reminds her that she needs to be discreet, and never talk about the company or its services in public. So whenever a client is interested in having sex with Jade, the client will use the code phrase ‘expect the unexpected’. Jade confirms that she understands and consents to everything, and Morgan wishes her well. Days later, Jade is in her home office, giving couple’s counseling to two wives, Keira Croft and Sheryl Ho. The wives are struggling with a lot of problems in their relationship, including Sheryl’s abandonment issues, and they seem highly dependent on Jade to help them. Jade starts to give the couple advice, such as reminding them about the importance of communicating their needs to each other, but she is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of an unfamiliar woman, Charlotte Sins. Jade mistakes Charlotte for a potential new therapy patient, and explains that she is in the middle of a session with other people right now, so if Charlotte wants to start seeing her then it’s best to make an appointment. Charlotte says she’s aware that she doesn’t have an appointment… but sometimes you have to EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED. Jade is shocked, but she knows the free-use rules and consented to them, so she agrees to let Charlotte stay. Jade tells the wives that they can just ignore the newcomer, and they’ll keep going with the session. The therapy continues, but Charlotte starts to have sex with Jade. The wives are shocked and have absolutely no idea what’s going on, while Jade does her best to keep giving the couple advice even while Charlotte is giving her a blowjob and then bouncing up and down on her cock. This can’t possibly be good for Sheryl’s abandonment issues.


Release Date
June 20, 2022


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