English Psycho / OnlyFans – Trans Girl Luna Enjoys A Night With EnglishPsycho

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HOT Asian Transgender Content This is probably one of my longest videos ever, almost 1 hour of pure trans Goddess sex deliciousness. When you see the 18 year old trans cutie in this weeks video you’ll know why I spent so long with her. Her name is Luna, and what I really love is that if you didn’t know she was trans you would never guess. She is so passable a) because she is so tiny and b) because she is so feminine and cute. She transitioned not long before her 18th birthday and I was lucky enough to get my hands on her just as the hormones were kicking in and she had some nice little titty bumps, we shot this video just after she turned 18 and sadly now she has gone and got herself some silicon boobs. I’ll forever remember her as the masterpiece she is in this video. As Always, Enjoy It. EP.


Release Date
June 08, 2023


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