English Psycho / OnlyFans – I Met Trans Girl Dominique At The Train Station

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Now this weeks video has a really fun story. A fan contacted me to congratulate me on the amazing content and tell me how much he is enjoying it. I get a lot of great people contacting me telling me how much they’re enjoying what I do, and that really makes me happy. Of course I get the odd weirdo messaging me asking things like ‘can they be my cameraman or come and join in, or will i fuck them?’ I even had one guy who wanted to just clean up any mess after I make a video. Bizarre. A lot of people ask me ‘Hey, EP where do you find these amazing trans girl?’ I always feel thats a ‘how long is a piece of string’ type question, there’s no definitive answer. It’s like asking where does fruit grow, sometimes on a tree, sometimes from the ground. So finding trans girls is the same as finding cisgender girls, they’re in different places. There isn’t one watering hole where they just all hang out, that would be too easy. It takes skill, experience, confidence and conviction to get your hands on any woman, trans or cis. Anyway, I digress… back to the original story, this cool fan contacted me and said that he would love to see me make a video with 2 of his favourite trans girls that he follows on social media, he sent me there names and as I love a challenge I reached out to both of them, they both were interested in hanging out but one wanted to shoot with a mask on and I just don’t see the point of doing that, the beautiful Dominique though she was up for coming down to see EP and potentially shoot a video (which of course we did in the end) and I was so excited about meeting her because she is an absolute SMOKESHOW. I was so excited I wanted to jerk off the night before about her but I resisted on the grounds that my cock would be harder and more full of cum if I didn’t. As usual, it was totally the right decision. Enjoy this video! As always, I make them for you (and a little bit for me too) ????????????????. Your pal EP.


Release Date
June 01, 2023


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